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POLDAN Zakłady Drzewne

76-100 SŁAWNO, ul. Gdańska 65A
1/15/2023 Our products

Pellets are an excellent type of fuel

When looking for a heating material, you should opt for environmentally friendly and inexpensive pellets.
This fuel perfectly replaces traditional sources of heat and will undoubtedly appeal to those who care about environmental protection.
Due to its excellent properties, pellets are gaining popularity among those looking for an inexpensive, ecological and yet high-quality fuel.
Its favorable price is not the only advantage of this fuel.
Pellets are also distinguished by their high calorific value, which allows them to maintain maximum efficiency.
On the other hand, low moisture content means that, unlike some traditional types of fuel, it does not get dirty or smoky.
The use of pellets is extremely convenient: they are stored in bags, so it is easy to pack, unpack and use them in your heating device.
This fuel can be successfully used in various types of equipment like stoves, heaters or fireplaces.
We recommend it to all those for whom convenience and quality are important, but who value also an attractive price.

Advantages of pellets:

  • High density, making it easy to store and distribute.
  • It can be used in automatically charged heating devices.
  • High calorific value, comparable to inferior grades of coal.
  • Does not contain compounds hazardous to human health or the environment.
  • Low emissions of sulfur dioxide and other hazardous substances during combustion.
  • Low ash content.
  • The ash can be used as fertilizer.
  • It can be stored for a long period in dry conditions.
  • It is widely used for domestic and industrial boiler houses; it is also suitable for fireplaces.

Our pellets are packed in plastic bags placed on pallets and secured with additional straps.

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