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POLDAN Zakłady Drzewne

76-100 SŁAWNO, ul. Gdańska 65A
1/14/2023 Our products

Pine bark is an excellent material for covering the soil surface, commonly used in horticulture. It has an aesthetic appearance and high utility value.
The use of pine bark prevents the growth of weeds, reduces the evaporation of water from the soil and is an excellent thermal insulation while providing aesthetic value.

Advantages of our pine bark:

  • It insulates very well against moisture loss, while being permeable,
  • It protects the root system from winter frost,
  • It slowly releases mineral compounds, so you can fertilize your plants less,
  • It has great aesthetic value,
  • In composted form, it helps acidify the soil,
  • It provides protection against some fungi and pests that will not break through the bark layer into the plant.
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