• Window and door scantlings

    Window and door scantlings

    1/19/2023 · Our products

    We provide products of the highest quality. We sell a wide assortment of glued pine scantlings, both jointed and solid, with classic cross sections.

  • Furniture boards

    Furniture boards

    1/18/2023 · Our products

    We rely on a thick raw material of very good quality, so we can guarantee high quality of our furniture boards. This product is used for: furniture, furniture fronts, and stairs.

  • Roof trusses

    Roof trusses

    1/17/2023 · Our products

    We sell roof truss elements made of pine wood with chrome-free impregnation or without impregnation, according to the customer's request.

  • Softwood and hardwood lumber

    Softwood and hardwood lumber

    1/16/2023 · Our products

    We obtain lumber from raw material of domestic origin, supplied directly by the State Forests (Lasy Państwowe) in accordance with the FSC certification.

  • Pellets


    1/15/2023 · Our products

    Szukając materiału opałowego, warto zdecydować się na ekologiczny i tani Pellet. Paliwo to doskonale zastępuje tradycyjne źródła ciepła i bez wątpienia przypadnie do gustu osobom dbającym o ochronę środowiska.

  • Pine bark

    Pine bark

    1/14/2023 · Our products

    Pine bark is an excellent material for covering the soil surface, commonly used in horticulture. It has an aesthetic appearance and high utility value.